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Give out samples before you have a sale

people sampling peach

I was at a popular food shopping destination in NYC and as soon as I got on the long winding line to pay, I saw “BBQ chicken pizza” samples. At the time, I was talking to Gram and I told her that I saw the samples and it was too late for me to grab once since I was on line. The guy ahead of me overheard me and told me that it would be OK if I got off of the line and grabbed a sample quickly. So I did and the pizza was yummy.

I also ordered samples online of a health and beauty brand. I tried them out and the products worked out. So, I went to local pharmacy and stocked up.

This also applies to business. Sometimes, you have to give in order to get. At times it can be a sample demonstration, other times its a quick task that can be done. These instances are just a couple of ways how one can introduce sampling in their business. Just think of ways how you can be of service not only to new clients, but existing clients as well.

P.S. My newsletter tips are an example of sampling.

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