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2013, In Memoriam, Part 1


2013 saw one too many losses in the online space the first half of the year.


Altavista – This is a  tough one for me because Altavista was “The Search Engine” when I started my career.


Google Reader – We already touched on this one.


Hotmail is Officially Dead – Actually this is more of a rebirth than a death, but none the less, the end of an era.



Meebo – The Meebo Bar


Posterous has closed down its blog services to pay attention to the Twitter side of the business.

We hope that the second half of 2013 brings less losses, more innovations and next steps!

Do you have a plan to move your Posterous site?

In case you didn’t know, Posterous is shutting down its blog services to pay attention to the Twitter side of the business. I can’t say that I didn’t see it coming. This leaves a lot of blogs with the task of choosing their next step. Which blog platform should folks go to? Tumblr, WordPress.com or… Continue Reading

I know what I’ll be doing this weekend – How to Back Up and Migrate Your Posterous Spaces to Tumblr, Blogger, or WordPress via @lifehacker

How to Backup and Migrate your Posterous Spaces to Tumblr – lifehacker.com Did anyone else flinch when they saw the announcement the other day? Seems like the best plan of action is to plan ahead. Lifehacker has a guide as to what you can do now to prepare for the future of Posterous. Continue Reading

With Posterous you Push, with Tumblr you Pull

vs. Well for the most part. I can see someone asking me which site to use for their blogging needs. The answer is “it depends.” I have been using Tumblr a bit longer than Posterous, but not by much. With Posterous, I have been able for the most part, to post to other sites including… Continue Reading

Posterous, now we are talking!

Back on October 23rd 2009, I sent this email to the folks at Posterous: Hi, I was just wondering… When I post via the web, there are no choices  as to where one wants to post. Its either “autopost everywhere” or nothing. When will we be able to pick and choose on the web which… Continue Reading

More Thoughts on Posterous

I know I have been on here for less than 48 hours (talk about wet behind the ears), but since I started perusing some other Posterous blogs, these thoughts describing Posterous came to mind: The blog behind the blog The B side blog A place to post everything else and forget it (Pictures, Video, etc…)… Continue Reading

Posting via email to Posterous

Just testing emailing a post. I'm still debating whether or not to post to the blog, then Twitter, then Friendfeed or all simultaneously.The thing is having to go back into the main blog and adding a tag or category to the post. Hopefully, I'll figure out how to create some rule for that. Posted via… Continue Reading