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What if – Backup Awareness Day

What would you do if you suddenly lost access to your computer files? Well, that’s what happened to me nearly a year ago. In honor of Backup Awareness Day, I am reaching back in the past to hopefully teach a lesson. Don’t wait until its too late. Learn what you can do today to backup… Continue Reading

Is it Time to Spring Clean your Feeds?

In the age of Twitter and Facebook, people are pondering the question if feeds and feedreaders are still important. If you haven’t read your feeds in a while, it may be time to evaluate your feed subscriptions. If you use Google Reader to read your feeds, you can go to “Trends” and see who you… Continue Reading

Talk Show Tackles Online Reputation Management

This morning, Rachael Ray of the Rachel Ray Show discussed online reputation management. ” Being aware of your online reputation is just as important as monitoring your credit report score” stated Regina Lewis of AOL. The segment titled, Preventing Cyber-Slander, provides tips on what you can to manage your online reputation. Continue Reading