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Taking the weekend to make some Headway

Headway — The Drag & Drop Theme For WordPress

Every so often, I learn something new from my prospective clients, clients, subscribers, colleagues and friends.

Headway Themes, a premium WordPress theme.

I initially found out about it several years ago through a prospective client. Recently, I had another opportunity with the theme with a move from a static site to WordPress.

I was surprised how effortless it was to put it all together within an afternoon. That’s saying a lot from an “old-school” coder like me.

I then decided to make some headway on the nextSTEPH site. The thing about this theme is that you can make any page your want to. The only limits there are is your own imagination. Every page has its own story.

If you want no sidebars on your page, fine. If you only want to have one widget or many widgets that’s fine too. What sold me was that one can create landing pages without adding on extra plugins.

So if you have some time over a weekend, consider taking the time to make some “headway” on your website.

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