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5 Things to do right now for your Facebook Page Layout

If you have a Facebook page, you are probably already aware of the Facebook page layout changes.

In case you have been under a rock, Facebook changed the game with its pages.

New Facebook Page Layout

Now, it nearly looks like a webpage and less of a profile page.

Here are some tips you can used to step up your game on your Facebook professional and business page layouts.

1. Update the cover photo
Before, when you upload the cover photo, one had to compensate for the profile picture. No more! Now you have all the space to play with the cover photo.

2. Update the profile picture
The size of profile picture has increased, so some of those profile pictures may look a bit fuzzy. So, it may be time to upload a new profile picture as well.

3. Focus on navigation
If you have been on a facebook page, you’ll notice that the position of the navigation links have changed from the top to the left side, and they have also increased in size. Take the time to review and adjust the navigation order to reflect what you want your visitors to focus on.

4. Don’t forget about the CTA
If you didn’t pay attention to your CTA (Call to action) button on your Facebook page, it’s not too late. Activate it, and direct visitors to where you would like them to go (i.e. a contact form, a download, etc.)

5. Don’t forget to promote it!
Include your newly updated Facebook page address in your email signature, and your social media profiles such as your  Facebook profile, your Twitter profile, a Klout account and an about.me page if you have it (if not, I highly recommend it).

With these tips, you will enhance your Facebook page layout and give visitors a reason to interact and engage with your page.

Hashtags are here to stay.

Hashtags are here to stay.

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Facebook says “Beware the Ides of March”

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A Facebook friend request from an organization

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