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Small Business Technology Summit 2011 recap – #smallbizsummit


It’s that time of year again.

Yesterday, I attended the 2011 Small Business Technology Summit. While normally at these events I would be tweeting non-stop, turns out I did more in person networking than tweeting.

Therefore, I searched the #smallbizsummit feed and have highlighted the best tweets that encapsulate the summit.

As always, thanks to @RamonRay , @marianbanker , the staff and all involved for throwing a phenomenal event.


RT @ChellyElite: Walk a show before you decide to become a vendor. – Angela Jia Kim #smallbizsummit

RT @oppsproject: LOVE RT @huangjulie: “Very small businesses can do BIG things,” says @RamonRay #smallbizsummit

RT @Coach_Colette: Bootstrapping CAN lead to exponential growth! Connect w/customers & find right strategic partners #smallbizsummit

RT @LisaByrne: Mobile users are 51% more productive on a daily basis – Mark Gambill (Dell) #smallbizsummit

RT @themayoress: “Failure spurs improvement” – @colderICE at #smallbizsummit

Looking for more? Follow the #smallbizsummit hashtag on Twitter, and come out next year.

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