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Are you minding your own brand?

Some great tips today coming out on the web about branding. You don’t have to be a celebrity like Magic Johnson to mind your brand. Also, do you know what Google is saying about you? Megan Smith (@MeganSmith) has a post on Blogher today on helpful tips you can use to get rid of your… Continue Reading

Paula Berg: Six Reasons Every Brand Should Blog

Hubspot’s 2010 “The State of Inbound Marketing Survey” found that: 77% of Internet users read blogs Blogs yield an average ROI of 600% Follow Paula Berg on Twitter: www.twitter.com/paulaberg via huffingtonpost.com Still not convinced you and your brand need a blog? Read what impact a blog can have for you and your business. Continue Reading

Protecting your online brand

Are you concerned about your brand across different blog sites? Serveral people online have embraced some good tips and tools to protect your brand. Michelle Goodman of The Anti 9-to-5 guide had a good idea by having a WordPress.com page that redirects to her website. So what do I do? Get nextsteph.wordpress.com of course! Don’t… Continue Reading

When your brand and/or identity is tested

I recently read a post from a fellow BlogHer ’07 Speaker, Wendy Piersall of eMomsatHome. She talked about the frustrating experience she had while filling out an online form because of her domain name. I then reflected back on certain challenges I had with a couple of websites when attempting to submit support requests via… Continue Reading