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Mothering Your Own Website


When you serve your clients, its hard to stop and think about your own web presence.
Here are some tips I have to step back and give my website the TLC it needs.

  1. Is your website receiving traffic? If you have Google Analytics installed you can answer that question by simply logging on. If you don’t, login to your web hosting provider site to see if you can access the traffic logs.
  2. Can you see your error logs? Do you know what pages visitors are looking for, but cannot find? Make it easy for them to access your website. Either install a redirect to another page or reactivate the page with the relevant information.
  3. Are their broken images on your site? Maybe there was a page that was moved. Either find the original image and re-upload or find a new image.
  4. Do you know when your domain expires? Most people don’t know until it is nearly too late. Do yourself a favor and put the date on your calendar of choice so you can renew in a timely manner and don’t get stuck later.
  5. Is your content shareable? Do you have sharing buttons for social media enabled on your posts?
  6. Backup your website. We have seen how many web hosting companies and blog providers have bad days.  Don’t let their “bad day” become your nightmare.

These are just a few items I check for on my own web presence.

Is there anything that you check for on the regular basis on your website? Sound off in the comments.



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Metropolitan College of New York

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