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The First Thing You Need To Do For Your Website in 2018

Happy New Year


I hope that you had a lovely holiday season.

I also hope that you are enjoying the new year so far.

If you (or your website) haven’t already done so, check to make sure that the copyright is in the current year.

If you already updated content on your site in 2018, then the copyright must be updated to this year.

That’s your tip for today.

Happy New Year!

Saturday Afternoon WordPress Jazz Sessions

Saturday Afternoon WordPress Jazz Sessions

In honor of the recent WordPress Release, I present Saturday Afternoon WordPress Jazz Sessions. Here are all the WordPress Versions. You can hear all the artists on Spotify. Since the names are not all listed in the screen grab, I’ll list them here. 4.9 – Billy Tipton 4.8 – Bill Evans 4.7 – Sarah Vaughan… Continue Reading

Email Subscribers are getting “NO RESPECT!”

I’ve been doing a lot of reading. Some of that reading in this day and age includes emails. I’ve been noticing a disturbing trend among marketers in the way they address their email subscribers. Simply put, email subscribers are getting no respect. via GIPHY Email subscribers are not being addressed with respect.  In an email a certain… Continue Reading

Hashtags are here to stay.

Hashtags are here to stay.

  I talked about hashtags time and again. There was even one time someone told me that I couldn’t use a hashtag here or there. Like it or not, admit it. Hashtags are here to stay. Hashtags are becoming increasingly prevalent across online media. An article from Search Engine Journal explains why one should use… Continue Reading

Facebook says “Beware the Ides of March”

Facebook says “Beware the Ides of March”

Facebook posted a notice to page owners that they will be deleting the page likes of memorialized and inactive accounts of Facebook Pages. This will cause a decrease in the amount of page likes. Facebook stated the reason for doing this is to keep audiences consistent with up-to-date data, especially when dealing with advertisers. Continue Reading