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Want to make TypePad blog mobile? Find out what steps you should take.


With the summer weather kicking into high gear, more people are stepping away from the desktop and laptop and venturing outdoors with their mobile devices.

The first thing to consider is if your TypePad blog should be mobile. That could be answered by looking at your analytics.

However, if you want to make your blog mobile just because, TypePad has a guide so that your Typepad blog can take take that next step to being mobile.

Business Blogs on TypePad

I was perusing my Twitter account when I came upon this post, Recommending TypePad for Business Blogs. There are pros and cons with any blog setup, but the more informed one is at the beginning, the less headaches there are later. Continue Reading

More Thoughts on Posterous

I know I have been on here for less than 48 hours (talk about wet behind the ears), but since I started perusing some other Posterous blogs, these thoughts describing Posterous came to mind: The blog behind the blog The B side blog A place to post everything else and forget it (Pictures, Video, etc…)… Continue Reading

TypePad as a CMS: From Blogher 2009 in Chicago

I finally have a recap in SlideShare of my Geek Lab talk on TypePad. There is only so much that was covered in such a short amount of time, that I decided to put what I wanted to say in a presentation. [slideshare id=1801973&doc=typepadbloghergeeklab-090802201309-phpapp01] View more presentations from nextsteph. Disclosure: I know I have screenshots… Continue Reading