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Google AdWords Spring Clean

Good Monday Morning! In addition to welcoming the warmer weather, Google AdWords has decided to get a jumpstart on “Spring Cleaning” by permanently deleting ads and keywords that haven’t gotten any impressions, or that have been removed for over 100 days (or for  over 3 months.) I’m concerned because I won’t be able to see what […]


Facebook posted a notice to page owners that they will be deleting the page likes of memorialized and inactive accounts of Facebook Pages. This will cause a decrease in the amount of page likes. Facebook stated the reason for doing this is to keep audiences consistent with up-to-date data, especially when dealing with advertisers.

nextSTEPH is a Google Partner

I am proud to announce that nextSTEPH is now a Google Partner.   This means that I have completed the certifications, and requirements to implement and manage Google AdWords Accounts.   Learn more about nextSTEPH’s Paid Search services.